Friday, June 13, 2008

In style, second-hand

The NYT really loves resale.

Today, there's another story about resale stores — this time, high-end consignment shops — enjoying a boost:

"In recent months, high-end designer resale shops have been the beneficiaries of a subtle shift in consumer thinking, as fashion lovers, even those who can afford to splurge, reassess their priorities. Unsettled by continuing recession fears and the soaring prices of designer clothes, and assailed by queasy consciences as well, many find these shops a way to update their wardrobes without seriously denting their bank accounts — or their sense of social propriety."

The story leads with National Audubon Society staffer who has a closet full of designer labels and describes herself as a "major environmentalist." Not surprisingly, she feels a little guilty about being such a consumer.

I definitely relate (altho not with the designer part, sadly) but with the inner war between wanting to buy something pretty and wanting to curb my usage. Pretty usually wins most of the time. (It definitely has in recent weeks.)

My favorite consignment store locally, though I haven't been there in quite some time, is Celery on Brookhaven Circle. If you want to find cute clothes and shoes without feeling guilty about your carbon footprint, it's worth checking out.

One of my favorite shirts is from there, and I also got a cute goldeny skirt suit from there. (Of course, that was before I realized I look all sorts of awful in shades of yellow, creams, and gold, and that I mostly hate skirts. Hmm, it's just sitting in my closet — I wonder if I could reconsign it to them.)

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