Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Malmo and the Egg McMuffin?

I was listening to WKNO this morning when a commentary on the Egg McMuffin — and its inventor, Herb Peterson — caught my ear.

Peterson died in this spring, at the age of 89, and the commentator argued that besides Ray Kroc, Peterson had the greatest influence in making McDonalds what it is today (and yes, it was meant as a good thing).

Before the Egg McMuffin, McDonalds' breakfast didn't exist. Now breakfast accounts for 30 percent of the fast-food chain's business. And all because Peterson liked eggs Benedict and wanted to come up with something similar.

The commentator talked about taking risks and asked when the last time was that any of us spent an hour trying to come up with something new that would grow our business. I was thinking about that when the segment ended and, unless I heard wrong, the commentator in question was Memphis' own John Malmo.

I would link to the segment, but for some reason I can't find it anywhere on the internets. So I might have made it all up.


Randal Cooper said...

Malmo does a bit every Wednesday morning on WKNO (only). I think it's mostly to plug his book--sometimes I wonder what story I'm missing in order to hear that.

marycash said...

I had no idea! I think I was listening earlier than usual.

It looks like we might have missed "The Swimming Legend You Never Heard Of" this morning. I'm using process of elimination b/c I know I heard about ohio prison moms and underage chinese gymnasts.

Randal Cooper said...

No, they played that; it was the Frank DeFord piece (I presume--it was about swimmer Adolf Kiefer). Of course, I missed the other pieces you mentioned, so maybe they preempt a different section or they have a dedicated two-minute block of post-headlines time that they devote to "local interest" stories.

In any case, Malmo every Wednesday morning at 7:38 or thereabouts.

Stacey Greenberg said...

Every Egg's Dream

Candice said...

The link to John Malmo's commentary is

preston said...

at the bottom of the page there is a blog reader with a wkno local commentaries section