Monday, December 6, 2010

Being in the Big D

One thing I love about going to Dallas is sitting in traffic.

Especially on a sunny Saturday afternoon, not a "rush hour" in sight for at least another day.

It always makes me realize how easily traffic flows in Memphis (an asset that's easily overlooked b/c it's an absence of a problem). The average Memphis daily commute might be around 20 minutes or so, but we don't -- generally -- have the hours-long traffic snarls of some other cities.

[To be fair, Dallas is figuring out new ways to deal with those snarls -- one of them being the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) system, which is opening a new 28-mile, 20-station rail line this morning. The $1.8 billion project now means the system is up to 72 miles long.]

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Aaron said...

Our family goes through the same thing every time we fly back to Memphis from the Bay area. The lack of cars here makes me feel like I am living in the country. I really like that about Memphis- we are truly a car friendly city. Maybe that's not a bragging point but it's nice after coming home from a crowded place.