Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I know I just wrote about my wonderful scooter, but I had an unbelievably bad time on it yesterday.

It seemed like every possible place where something could go wrong, it almost did.

I mean, how often do you see a semi backing across two lanes of traffic ... because it needs enough clearance to do a u-turn? (Actually, after a little mishap where a u-turning sugar truck retired my red baby Subaru, I don't have a lot of patience with trucks doing that particular maneuver.)

I even had to honk my horn at someone who almost turned left into me! (It worked, but probably because she heard it and thought, "Has a duck landed on my car? What is that funny little noise?" and paused just long enough to look for it. Then she saw me.)

I know the Flyer commenters have been all about the helmets and, yes, I was wearing mine, but I'm not sure it would have helped.

At any rate, today I'm in the car, chalking the whole thing up to it being so hot that no one can focus, and taking it as a reminder that Memphis drivers — myself included — are a crazy lot.

In happier times.


Polar Donkey said...

I've got a small motorcycle. I only ride on the weekends or in the evening. Other drivers are dangerous. Saw a guy get wiped out on Poplar when a green honda pulled out in front of him.
Be careful.
Think about gloves too. If you lay down your scooter, don't want to scrap all the skin off the palms of your hands.

marycash said...

I've already been contemplating rocking a Michael-Jackson-style fingerless glove, but mostly because I need more traction on the throttle.

But I do like my skin, so maybe I'll wear one on each hand.

Scott Hayes said...

Looks like you have a classic Kymco People 150. I have one of those *for sale* as well as a People 250. Consider a windscreen, warm weather and cold weather gloves as well. Chaps before winter.
Take care!

Ryan said...

Be careful. I just had my 2007 Vespa LX150 stolen in broad daylight on Friday. Two guys in a truck pulled next to it. Two other guys in a car pulled up, got out and threw it in the bed of the truck. This was all witnessed by my wifes co-worker and 911 was called before the truck had exited the parking lot. A description on the truck along with license plate was given to the 911 operator. You'd think this info would have been passed out to the patrols in the area but no. I guess thats not how things work. Luckily, I had comprehensive coverage so I'll be getting some money for it. It will be twenty days, though, before it's considered stolen. No rental car discount provided.

marycash said...