Friday, November 14, 2008

Pass the Tissues

Everyone at my office is either sick, getting sick, or just gotten over this horrible, debilitating sickness called "the worst cold known to man."

I'm pretty sure that right now, as Google is tracking flu outbreaks with keywords such as "flu symptoms," "body aches," "fever," and "feel so bad I want to die," the internet search engine is homing in on 460 Tennessee St.

Google seems to think its keyword system can predict regional outbreaks 10 days before the Centers for Disease Control, (and it probably can, because is there anything Google can't do?) so this is just fair warning if you had any plans to visit chez Flyer.

I personally have not been infected yet but, judging by the runny noses and red eyes around me, it's only a matter of time and how much vitamin C I can consume.

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