Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday morning odds and ends

— Thursday's Tunica Caberet auction netted the state almost $25,000. By comparison, September's Platinum Plus auction yielded $60,000 for the state. Both strip clubs were closed following nuisance claims and Environmental Court judgments.

Two neighborhoods in Milwaukee are considering printing their own currency to promote shopping at local businesses (sort of like this, but not.) Downtown retailer Divine Mafa had a similar idea a few months ago in which he would give people $10 in Divine bucks for $8 American currency. A story in the Chicago Trib. says there are at least 2,000 local currencies all over the world, but I think it's almost always a hard sell.

— My internet is a slow, slow place, full of turtles, molasses, and spinning beachballs. Just thought I'd mention that as I waited for a page to load.

— In November, the most American jobs were lost since 1974, resulting in the highest unemployment rates in 15 years. 24,000 jobs were cut from auto dealerships, 82,000 from construction, and 36,600 from hotels.

— In addition to MIFA gift cards (similar to what the Church Health Center does), MIFA is currently taking gift donations for homebound seniors. The gifts will be given to 1,000 seniors during a special Christmas Day Meals delivery. Suggested gifts include: blankets, stationery, postage, winter caps, sweaters, gloves, crossword puzzles, playing cards, or dominos. For more info, call 529-4551 or email

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