Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nothing But the Truth

The NYT has a review of "Nothing But the Truth," the Kate Beckinsale/Alan Alda/Angela Bassett journalism movie based loosely on the Valerie Plame/Judith Miller situation and partly filmed in Memphis, most notably, perhaps, in the CA's newsroom.

Unfortunately, review Manohla Darvis is disappointed:

"It is evidently impossible to make a movie about two adversarial women without dragging in their families, because without needy children and angry, fed-up husbands — David Schwimmer plays Rachel’s mewling husband, while a barely present Jamey Sheridan plays Erica’s — these two female characters and their desires, successes and rages apparently wouldn’t rate screen time. That’s too bad for all sorts of reasons, including this one: when not cooing inanities at pipsqueaks, the actresses are pretty good, both together and individually. There’s pleasure in watching them go Manolo a Manolo against each other, particularly Ms. Farmiga, who fills out her size 0 with macho swagger. Despite a shaky start, Ms. Beckinsale does eventually look the part of the harassed and haggard heroine, if largely by not wearing any eye makeup."

Does this soccer field look familiar?

I'll probably still see it, if not for the journalism connection then for the inside peek of the CA newsroom.

I think I posted some clips from the movie a few weeks ago on, but then again, maybe I didn't. If you're interested in seeing them, click here.


polar donkey said...

Maron and Seder ripped on this movie for 10 minutes yesterday on their show. Professional comedians can be rough.
The larger question is why would anyone see Judith Miller as a sympathetic character? She willingly helped spread lies about the Iraq WMD program and helped justify get us into a war.

On a side note the cast of this movie came to the restaurant I work at. I got to meet Beckinsale and Bassett. Both seemed nice but not as hot in real life as in the movies. Beckinsale is a chain smoker.

marycash said...

Re: "The larger question is why would anyone see Judith Miller as a sympathetic character?"

That's why they cast a hottie, not someone closer to Miller's age demographic.