Monday, March 23, 2009

The Bracket

In my ongoing quest to pit Memphians against other Memphians that they might have similarities with (be they of the job, name, or looks variety) in a virtual Celebrity Deathmatch without the claymation or the funny, the second round of the bracket is up.

Probably the best way to access it is to go here.

In the first round, the big winners were A C Wharton, John Calipari (worth every penny), judge Joe Brown. Other winners included Dick Hackett, Justin Timberlake, WMC-TV 5, Al Green, Kathy Bates, Angus McEachran, and Paul Ryburn. But can they make it to the Sweet Sixteen?

To see the full list, you've got to continue onto the next round. Sorry, them's the rules.

p.s. My money is on a Wharton/Timberlake matchup in the finals.

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