Wednesday, March 25, 2009

For Legal Reasons, This is Not The Sweet 16

The votes are in and the Memphis Flyer Memphis Madness bracket is rolling right along.

Now 16 Memphians are one step closer to the Flyer Four.

In Round Two, there was an upset or two. For instance, Memphis Zoo president Chuck Brady took out Harold Ford Jr. Maybe he has a future in politics ...

WMC-TV's Dave Brown defeated his colleague Joe Birch, while the Flyer's own John Branston wrote blogger Paul Ryburn out.

In the next round, hometown hotties Ginnifer Goodwin and Justin Timberlake are matched up. (I can see the gossip columns now.)

Local music heavyweights Al Green and Jerry Lee Lewis will go note for note, and the FBI's My Harrison takes on A C Wharton. (I can see the headlines now.)

Voting begins for Round Three Thursday afternoon (which reminds me, I guess I need to code it. Hmmm.)

The full list of Suite 16-ers: Ginnifer Goodwin, Justin Timberlake, Al Green, Jerry Lee Lewis, Leslie Ballin, Dave Brown, Geoff Calkins, John Branston, A C Wharton, My Harrison, Steve Cohen, John Calipari, Fred Smith, Judge Joe Brown, Chuck Brady, and the Neelys.

(Next year, I think we're totally going to do an entire bracket of restaurants and restaurateurs. There's too much good food in this town not to.)

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