Monday, January 26, 2009

Home Grown

I recently got an email about a new backyard market that sounds really cool.

Memphis Locally Grown is a member-based cooperative for locally grown or created products, including produce, bread, soap, whatever.

From the group's website:

"One of our main goals is to provide a no barrier entry point for new urban growers and local entrepreneur types. We want to provide small backyard or community garden growers, nonprofits that promote urban gardening such as GrowMemphis and BridesUSA, an opportunity to sell some of their efforts and ultimately build a stronger community around local products."

But it's not just a backyard initiative — it's based on the internet, too. Apparently, you sign up — for free — and become a member, which allows you to buy or sell things on the organization's website. The market gets 10 percent of the sales, which pays for site hosting and running the physical market.

After products are pre-ordered online, the market will meet weekly at a host location. Payment for the products will be collected then. And it means sellers know exactly what they need to bring to the market, or if they need to be there at all.

When they get enough members signed up, Memphis Locally Grown will let people start buying things online.

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