Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mrs. O

Everything you ever wanted to know about Michelle Obama's outfits for the Inauguration. And a slideshow.

I have a feeling Michelle is going to be a style icon for many years to come. She just has such great presence and presentation ( yes, I totally am in love with her! Just call me Tim Sampson. Just read his Memphis Flyer rant this week and you'll understand.) She has even pulled off the belted sweater look, which I personally have never quite figured out how to do.

She take chances, as well, which I like. And she's definitely not frumpy.


polar donkey said...

A buddy of mine got in trouble with his girlfriend when he said Michelle Obama was a bit mannish and had large feet.

Does she have big feet?

Katie said...

I agree, Mary! She looked gorgeous yesterday and I find myself, for the first time ever, inspired by the style of a first lady! She's definitley going to be a style icon for our generation.

marycash said...

I don't know what size feet the woman has. I'm just a reporter, not the Secret Service.