Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Early Voting — 2 Days Left

Seriously, if you can early vote, I would suggest it.

I went yesterday afternoon and the line wasn't too bad; there were probably 40 to 60 people waiting ahead of me. (And that's just early voting, stretched out over two weeks! Imagine what election day is going to be like.)

You might remember that I just recently changed my voter registration address.

After I handed the nice poll worker my ID, she clicked and clacked on her computer and then printed out a form.

"Please verify your address and sign here," she said, handing me a pen.

Unfortunately, I couldn't do that, because my address was incorrect.

"That's not your address?"


"Was it ever your address?" she asked and seemed slightly panicked, as if she was going to have to report possible voter fraud.

I explained that yes, at one time, that was my address, but I had recently filled out the election commission's change of address form. So she said, well, let's change it again. I handed her back my ID to get the correct address, and a few moments later, she handed me a new form and I happily verified that everything was right. (Thankfully I did early voting or I suspect this would have been a huge hassle.)

Five minutes later, I was done. Easy-peasy.

Early voting ends tomorrow so you have today and Thursday and then you'll have to wait until Election Day, November 4th.


polar donkey said...

I think the poll worker was more concerned about the giant knife you were carrying than your address.

marycash said...