Thursday, October 9, 2008

Spotlight Suspension

I haven't been a journalist all that long — certainly not compared to some of my colleagues — but the fairly recent addition of internet analytics and user comments makes it very easy to tell what kind of stories have traction with readers.

Case in point, Bianca Phillips Q&A with former "First 48" detective Caroline Mason in April 2007.

Fans of the true-crime show loved Caroline Mason (before the MPD decided to cease working with A&E on the show). Even though we ran that story more than a year ago, it seems that every few months someone would find it and comment on how much they liked Caroline Mason. (And I'm using the word "like," but the feelings seemed a lot stronger than that.)

I was reminded of all this because Mason was in the CA again yesterday. It seems she received a one-day suspension for participating in the paper's "Spotlight on Mom" section without getting proper authorization from the police department to do so.

I'm not going to second guess the MPD, but it seems that they'd want someone like Mason — someone who people feel so positively about — out in front of the department.

For instance, after Phillips wrote about MPD suspending filming with "The First 48," one of the Flyer's commenters said this:

"Caroline Mason, along with all the other officers, have made Memphis proud, and regardless if the MPD decides to resign a contract with 'The First 48,' the MPD will always have my respect."


polar Donkey said...

Touching back on previous posts, remember that one from September 30th about how people's money is doing in the market? Well since the day the Bailout was passed the market has dropped 2212 points.

marycash said...

Well, I guess it worked then. erp.

I still think it would be an okay time to buy — especially if you're looking at retirement in 30 or 40 years — but that is predicated on the fact that you have some money to spend.

marycash said...

But, by no means, should anyone take this as investment advice. I'm just talking theoretically/conventional wisdomy!