Monday, October 6, 2008

Good News

Looks like the TSA will relax airport-liquid restrictions sometime next year.

The head of the TSA told the WSJ's Middle Seat Terminal blog that the TSA is "within a year of having the ability to differentiate threat liquids through the screening process."

Apparently, X-ray software that can detect liquid materials used in bomb-making is almost ready for wide-spread use.

And that means that the TSA's most ridiculous rule — because, seriously, how does putting all your liquids into a ziplock sandwich bag make anyone any safer? — is on the way out.

This fits what? Toothpaste, shampoo, a teeny deoderant, moisturizer, and a lipstick?

[Side story: last month, one of my family members (who will go unnamed here) was traveling to my sister's wedding and, because she was running late, decided not to check her luggage. Now, this luggage contained hair spray and, though the TSA does not catch all liquids, they did catch hers.

She had to go back to ticketing and try to check her baggage, but by that time, her plane (which her kids and other family members she was traveling with were already on) was leaving. I think she ended up taking a flight later that evening and prolly checking her baggage.]

At any rate, as someone else who likes to use beauty products (and, yes, more than fit inside the sandwich baggie. I didn't even bring shampoo and conditioner with me because I didn't have any of those little bottles) and paid more than $3 for 12 oz. of juice last month, this is good news.

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