Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How We Live, Boomer-Style

The Memphis branch of the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank is sponsoring an interesting symposium on October 28th entitled, "What Now? Baby Boomers and Communities Face New Realties." (To register — it's free — go here.)

From the brochure: "This symposium will focus on the current economic crisis and how it has changed the future for boomers. It will look at the implication for community development — such as housing, transportation, land use, and health care — in general and for the Memphis are in particular."

Sandy Timmerman, assistant vice president of the Retirement Strategies Group for MetLife; Sandy Markwood, president of the national Association of Area Agencies on Aging; Ken Reardon, director of U of M's graduate program in city and regional planning; and Kathryn Coulter, chief development officer of the Aging Commission of the Mid-South, will speak.

Event organizers encourage housing officials, transportion planners, park and recreation officials, real estate developers and professionals, and civic leaders to attend.

In other (more personal) news, my office is extremely loud today. What's up, folks? Where are all the indoor voices?

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