Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Horsin' Around

Recently, I was in Saddle Creek shopping center (what recession? Just kidding ... I was there for work) and noticed people standing around, taking pictures of Germantown's painted horses.

The horses — which are in honor of the Germantown Charity Horse Show's 60th Anniversary — will be auctioned off Sunday, October 19th. Artists competed to win the chance to decorate the life-sized horses, and now they are all corralled (the horses, not the artists, sorry) in Saddle Creek.

At any rate, being a complete lemming, I decided to take a few pictures myself. At the very least, I thought some of you Midtowners out there might appreciate it.

There were quite a few decorated with flowers.

This one I call Disco Horsie.

A close-up. See those two bodies behind the head? Yep, they're taking pictures, too.

My fave: Trick-or-treat horsie. (They do have real names; I just didn't write them down.)

The chocolate close-up

My second fave. Recession horsie — decorated all in pennies. (Actually, I did notice this one was called "Horse Sense.")

If you're interested in bidding for the horses online, you can go here.


Randal Cooper said...

Having seen this done in many cities over the years, I think investing in fiberglass animal companies many years ago would have been wise.

Hindsight, I guess.

Polar Donkey said...

Where's the Artist Formally Known as Prince horse?

marycash said...

Re: PD —

I didn't post it. I'm sorry to whoever created it, but I just wasn't feeling it.

I also left off LSD horse, Memphtastic horse, and craft time at Michael's mosiac horse.

Polar Donkey said...

But you left up breakfast food horse?

marycash said...

You cannot go wrong with candy for breakfast ... it's totally energizing but it doesn't weigh you down like pancakes or waffles.

Just kidding, Dr. Castle!