Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wal-Mart Didn't Win

It's interesting that a proposed Wal-Mart was defeated by the County Commission yesterday.

We'll have a full story in the print version of the Flyer tomorrow and up on the web Friday. But I got this email from reader Kerry Hayes, so I thought I'd go ahead and post it:

"Hi Mary,

Longtime reader of your column and blog, first-time writer-in. Really hope that you or someone else at the Flyer can give some coverage to the recent battle against Wal-Mart that has been raging in Cordova. Things culminated last night with a 10-3 victory in favor of the Citizens for a Sustainable Growth group — they went up against the largest retailer in the world, one of the most notoriously oppressive corporate entities in America, and thanks to the simple principles of grassroots organizing and holding their ground, WON. This is huge. This is the kind of thing that reflects really well, not just on Cordova, but on our entire city."

Frankly, I was pretty surprised that the neighbors won. Even though I agreed with their arguments — that the roads wouldn't support Wal-Mart traffic and that they already have two Wal-Marts in the area — I wasn't sure which way the County Commission would go. Tax dollars can be kind of a big deal.

Actually, now that I mention tax dollars, maybe that's why they went the way they did.

I just keep thinking about that one Wal-Mart at Germantown Parkway and Wolf River Boulevard that closed after they opened up the other store down the street. I'm not a big fan of treating buildings like tissues (even if you build them that way).

And I don't think an abandoned big box store — with weeds growing through the parking lot, an old shopping cart here or there — would be great for property values. I'm fairly sure that land is an empty lot now (I haven't driven past it in a while, so I could be wrong) but I'm also pretty sure that many people would still consider it an eyesore.

I like that we seem to be thinking more long-term now.


Richard Fudge said...

I hate having to wait for the print version of the flyer. I want to get it early. Why not upload the pdf just a little earlier? Not a full day sooner but like 5pm today. that would be nice.

Shane said...

You'll be happy to know that even the asphalt was taken up and it is now a grassy field. Not "too" bad, but could be better.

Polar Donkey said...

Sidney Chism was the only Democrat to vote for the Wal-mart. Pretty amazing considering he was a Teamster.

Stacey Greenberg said...

i was so so so pleasantly surprised to hear this!! it almost seems to good to be...memphis!

Stephanie said...

It's not Memphis, Stacey- it's CORDOVA!!

Save This MG said...

FINALLY, a governmental body actually listens to the will and wishes of the people and do what those people want. I'm stunned especially since the Commission (until now) never met a developer it didn't like.

There is hope.

Uh oh....someone in hell just ordered a jacket.

Anonymous said...

The reason they closed the Walmart Store on Germantown Road and Wolf River is because of the Germantown code enforcement. If you remember the Store was huge, yet the sign allowed on the store was so small it was barely able to be seen from Germantown Road.

Walmart took the opportunity to move down the street to Memphis and open up a Super Center where they could have their sign as big as they wanted. Germantown has since torn down the old building and plans on building a strip mall of sorts.

I agree there is not a need for another Walmart Super Center because of the close proximity of the other two (@ Wolfchase, @ G'town Rd & Trinity). Why have 3 Walmarts within a 10-15 minute drive of one another?