Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Do you want to be in pictures?

Every year (for the last few, at least) I put together the Flyer's fall fashion issue. And every year it's always a challenge to find models because:

A. They have to be available during the day for the shoot.
B. The job doesn't pay.
C. We like to use college students for a variety of reasons (please see A) and I simply don't know that many college students. I am old.
D. It's creepy to walk up to people you don't know and say, "Have you ever thought about being a model?"

That's all to say, I'm looking for models. I've got quite a few ladies interested already but not that many guys (which I always expect, but it would be nice to have a few). So if you know of anyone, or you are someone, that this appeals to, please let me know.

From last year's shoot at the Peabody Hotel

Ideally, models should be college-aged (any younger, the Flyer gets in trouble), attractive, slim to medium builds, comfortable in front of a camera (if you always think you look weird in photos, this might not be the right opportunity for you), and think that I am somewhat funny (trust me, it helps.)

Interested parties can email me at

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