Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Here's a Question

What's your favorite thing about Memphis?


marycash said...

Really? No one's got anything?

Is there something you just marginally like?

I'll even start — I like Easy-Way.

LeftWingCracker said...

The Center for Southern Folklore.

kerry said...

- The Stax Museum
- Riverside Drive
- Payne's BBQ
- The french fries at the Young Avenue Deli
- The burgers at Alex's Tavern
- Cooper-Young bungalows
- Steve Cohen
- The downtown skyline at night, as seen from Mud Island Amphitheater
- Tom Jones' Smart City blog
- South Main Trolley Tours
- The Cove on Broad
- AutoZone Park
- Cafe Eclectic

Naomi Van Tol said...

Whenever I come home from a vacation, you know what always pops into my head the second I see the Memphis skyline? That Elvis interview where he's just arrived home from Germany and the reporter says "What did you miss most about Memphis, Elvis?"

And he grins and says, "Everthang!"

marjorie5 said...

Peabody Avenue.
Carriages and The North End. (I still call it that.)
AutoZone Park/Redbirds.
Memphis Tiger Football.
Memphis Tiger Basketball.
I'm with Naomi and Elvis, just about everthang!

Eric Mathews said...


Amie said...

Stax Museum and the Soulsville neighborhood.
The hand-painted signs and independent businesses of Orange Mound.
The bungalows of Midtown and businesses of Cooper Young.
Overton Park.
The mighty Mississippi River.
The Metal Museum and the bluffs overlooking the river.
Mud Island.
The grit and character of abandoned buildings such as the Tennessee Brewery.
The Joe's Wine Sputnik sign.
The Lincoln American Building and Court Square.

And well, everything. What's not to love would be shorter.

Polar Donkey said...

Our unique dysfunction.

Generates endless conversation.

AngieDawn said...

* The People!!
* The National Civil Rights Museum
* Molly Fontaine's mac & cheese - try it!
* South Main Art Trolley Tour
* The sunset over the Mississippi
* The reasonable cost of living
* Circa's chocolate martini :~)
* Live music & Diane Price

Save This MG said...

Molly's La Casita
The BBQ Shop
The skyline

gatesofmemphis said...

The Old Forest, anytime but particularly at dusk in the summer.

Coletta's Pizza on South Parkway

The National Ornamental Metal Museum.

Anonymous said...

cooper young
the zoo
the children's museum
the memphis tigers

Jennifer said...

I no longer live in Memphis but can tell you what I miss...
Live music at most anywhere you go on a Friday or Saturday night
Hearing Amy LaVere, she was my fav
Great food...Rendezvous, Grisanti's, Huey's to name a few...
Friendly people
Views of the Mississippi at sunset
The Memphis Tigers

marycash said...

Now, see, this is more like it.

I've been trying to work on our Best of Memphis issue, and this may be too much about how the sausage is made, but sometimes it feels like I've already written up all my favorite things.

John Weeden said...

A few of my favorite things about Memphis are:

1. The smell of the Wonder Bread factory driving down Madison.

2. Crepe myrtles in bloom at Elmwood Cemetery in July.

3. Listening to the elderly women read the Commercial Appeal every morning on the way to work...sooo precious!

4. Visiting with Miss Shirley at the Lamplighter bar.

5. Playing vinyl 45 country records on the jukebox at the Lamplighter bar.

6. The cheeseburgers Miss Shirley makes at the Lamplighter bar.

7. The new Levitt Shell in Overton Park.

Shane Adams said...

The gritty side that makes things interesting

marycash said...

Dang, John, you really like the Lamplighter bar ... I hope you voted for them for something in the Best of Memphis.

packrat said...

I just got back from NYC, so I'm depressed...but I love the music in this town (I like the fact that Mose Allsion is playing Sunday night at A. Slims), I like the bars and hanging out in them with my cute wife, the little lush. I like the trees, too. I like canoeing on the Wolf River, I like Cozy Corner, Billy Gibson playing harmonica, I like WEVL and WUMR the jazz lover, I like the good-looking women...

Stacey Greenberg said...

a short list:
the old forest
the cove
the water tower on broad
my neighborhood
my kids' school
the people here who are trying to make things better