Friday, September 26, 2008

Pocket Park Party

Looks like this weekend is going to be a busy one. I see a Rock-n-Romp, a number of AIA architecture tours, and this pocket-park party on my calendar:

(Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend any of these great events — not even the SkyCottage tour! — because I will be in the wilds of west Texas, watching my baby sister get hitched.)

However, I once wrote about the tiny triangle park at Belvedere and Madison where the block party is. I believe the city was thinking of selling it at the time. Don't know what ever happened with that.

What I do know is that after I wrote something about how those small pocket parks can provide a nice break in the urban landscape — former council member Madeleine Cooper Taylor had said "I may not stop. I may drive by, but they offer a visual resting place" — someone sent me a picture of a homeless woman passed out in that park.

They included their own caption, too: something like "Woman rests in Belvedere Park."

With apologies to the passed-out woman, it still makes me laugh.

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