Thursday, September 11, 2008

The End of an Era (a gross era, but an era, nonetheless)

Today's the Platinum Plus auction. If you're interested in any of the following items —

Assorted stripper outfits

a weirdly discolored chair

a cage-dancer's cage

the sign

— you need to be at the Mt. Moriah Performing Arts Centre right now.

I wonder if they're taking one-dollar bills.

UPDATE: The Flyer site has a small story about this morning's auction.

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Polar Donkey said...

There is a touch of sadness with the passing of Platinum Plus. It really was a Memphis landmark. Our fair city was famous for its shake joints. Howard Stern used to talk about PP and the wild Memphis shake joints on his radio show a few years back.

In a city with so many churches, I guess you have to have the otherside of the coin. Trying to run the vices out of the city has been a pretty consistent behavior. In the early 1900's, Memphis had a whole lot of bars and over 1000 known prositutes. The city leaders brought in a famous preacher to run a big tent revival downtown and try to shame the sinful people out of town. It didn't work. Fortunately, we will forever have noble and politically ambitious leaders here to protect us from debauchery. So instead of a central location where we know the vice happens, we have an explosion of prostitution across Memphis. Don't we live in a great city when a kid walking to Hamilton high school can select from 4 or 5 whores for a quicky before classes. (nothing clears the mind for learning better, a true lesson in capitalism) Those more technologically inclined the Flyer just did a story about the Craigslist prostitutes. For 40% of the rest of city, there is whoring at a location near you. Abandoned houses and apartments complexes with a bad economy makes getting a hand job easier then get a hamburger. I appreciate our leaders grabbing the low hanging fruit and headlines while widespread problems are getting worse.