Friday, September 12, 2008

Pot Parks

Maybe something to look out for the next time you go camping.

USAToday is reporting that about 80 percent of marijuana grown outdoors is being cultivated on state or federal land. The culprits appear to be Mexican drug cartels.

From the story:

"Tighter border controls make it harder to smuggle marijuana into the USA, so more Mexican drug networks are growing crops here, [National Drug Control Policy director John] Walters says.

'We are finding more marijuana gardens in the park year after year,' says Jim Milestone, superintendent of Whiskeytown National Recreation Area in Northern California.

'We're dealing with some bad characters,' Milestone says. 'We are arresting people … who have criminal records in Mexico, and almost all of them are here illegally with false papers.'"


Ganja Blue said...

I've been following this ongoing story for about a year now. Read my recent blog on the environmental consequences of the drug war. If people were allowed to grow marijuana on their private property, farms and greenhouses, guerrilla grows would end. The Mexican cartels wouldn't be incentivized by outrageous black market profits. When alcohol prohibition ended, so did the violence that it fueled.

Polar Donkey said...

Let's make Memphis the American Amsterdam!
Get a lot more tourists than that stupid convention center.

marycash said...

I've heard that idea before — I call it "go with your strengths."