Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Flying 7-Eleven

Anyone who knows me knows I get cranky when I fly. I'm sorry: I'm impatient, I can't stand downtime, I hate other people, I always think I'm running late even when I'm running right on time, I don't like to use airplane lavatories, the list goes on and on ....

I just want to get on the plane, read my book, take off at the appointed time and get to my destination/connecting flight at the appointed time, and have my luggage arrive there safely and conveniently with me. (It occurs that this will be the second post in a row I should tag as "hassles.")

My sister and I are flying American in a couple of weeks and were recently discussing the $15 surcharge for checking your bags.

Neither of us plan to check our bags for the upcoming trip (it's only a weekender) but she, unfortunately, has to bring a full-length satin bridesmaid dress with her. I have no idea how she's going to do it. She says she's going to vacuum-pack it, but I suspect she may have to wear it, airplane courier style.

A bad bridesmaid dress on Katherine Heigl

It is going to be an interesting trip. It will be my first time flying since they instituted the surcharge for checked baggage, so I'm expecting it will be tense.

But there may be one group of people that have it worse than airline passengers: airline flight attendants.

If you're interested, the NYT had a good piece yesterday on flight attendants and what their jobs are like now ...

Said one flight attendant: “Who would have thought, after 30 years, that we’d be a flying 7-Eleven."

Update: At least I'm not flying United. They've upped the price of a second checked bag from $25 to $50.

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