Monday, September 8, 2008

Goodbye Republicans?

I don't generally talk politics at all (hi, Mom and Dad!), but I thought this piece on the "Vanishing Republican Voter" in the NYTimes magazine was interesting. In it, David Frum posits the more inequality a place has, the more to the left it leans.

And in a country that is becoming more and more unequal, that spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E for the G-O-P.

Here's a sample:

"My fellow conservatives and Republicans have tended not to worry very much about the widening of income inequalities. As long as there exists equality of opportunity — as long as everybody’s income is rising — who cares if some people get rich faster than others? Societies that try too hard to enforce equality deny important freedoms and inhibit wealth-creating enterprise. Individuals who worry overmuch about inequality can succumb to life-distorting envy and resentment.

All true! But something else is true, too: As America becomes more unequal, it also becomes less Republican. The trends we have dismissed are ending by devouring us."

Of course, Frum is trying to be warn Republicans before it's too late, but it's still interesting.


Polar Donkey said...

Of course David Frum is famous for coining the term Axis of Evil.

cdmemphis said...

Did you not think it funny that the article was in the NYTimes! Of course they would write something like that. They think everyone in the world thinks like they do. While I agree that Bush has done a lot to push the country to the left. I think it would be a travesty to the founders of our nation to go all the way to