Friday, May 16, 2008

another library update

It looks as if the City Council wants to save four of the five library branches that the mayor wanted to close.

I don't want to seem ungrateful, but um, they missed one.

I know, Cossitt is not the nicest library out there. To say the least. But it's the downtown library! In a downtown that is still working on revitalization! And in a downtown that has more residential space than many other cities!

I get that it doesn't meet the standard of a downtown library, but maybe the answer is a little re-investment instead of shutting it down outright. Maybe even re-locating it to a smaller space?

Then again, I harbor a secret belief that a downtown without a movie theater or a library isn't a real downtown. So maybe it's just me.

On another note, here's some good news: The library has informed me that they've talked to the state and, with the board of trustee nominations going before the City Council June 3rd, they should be fine to receive their state funding.

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