Monday, May 12, 2008

Tower Power

Though it took a hit in the October 2006 downtown fire, the Lincoln American Tower is looking pretty spiffy these days.

Memphis Heritage held a fundraiser at the building this weekend, with tours through several apartments, including those in the very tip-top of the tower. I've got to say, the view was pretty spectacular from every angle.

I think this view might have been from one of the penthouse bathrooms.

The Lincoln American Tower was built in 1924 to be the headquarters of the Columbian Mutual Life Assurance Society. (The company was brought to Memphis by its president Lloyd T. Binford, the Board Of Censors head who banned local audiences from seeing any Charlie Chaplin movies, among others. For more about that, see Michael Finger's recent story for the Flyer, Banned in Memphis.)

Each of the tower apartments is two stories, with elevator access to both floors (and cute staircases). They did a good job matching the original hardware to what had to be replaced and keeping the historic feel of the building. Check back later — I may post a few more pictures.

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