Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Places

Went to the Music Foundation's new Musicians' Resource Center on South Main last night. (My friend Jeff is secretly a Memphis music mogul, but don't tell anyone.) It was pretty swank. Almost made me wish I played some instrument, just so I could go there and use their computers. 

Then we headed over to the new downtown Blue Monkey. At the time the old Blue Monkey burned down, I think I was eating lunch there about once a week. I tried to go to the Midtown Blue Monkey in the interim, but the menu isn't the same. 

So I was pleased to see what looked like the old downtown menu back: there was the Bernie, the Havana, and all the yummy trolley car crisps. 

Also saw the likely new digs of the UrbanArt Commission on Broad last night. I am a big fan of Broad (with the exception of the car break-ins) and am interested in seeing how the new unified development code works out there. It has such good bones. 


gatesofmemphis said...

The outside of the Resource Center looks intimidating -- side street, security keypad, walk up flight of stairs. They're "competing" with the resources and ease of access of the internet, so I would have hoped they would have made it more of a 3rd place.

otoh, it's good that UAC is moving to Broad. Where?

I think the City need to add a pedestrian crossing, with light, at Merton and Sam Cooper to connect the residential with Broad. Broad as a drive-up will only be 1/2 successful, imho.

marycash said...

The Resource Center does have a certain intimidation factor ... at the opening party, they had a band playing two feet to the right of the entrance. I felt like we had to sneak behind the band to get in.

Maybe it's all about self-selecting.