Thursday, May 15, 2008

library update

As I wrote this week, a group of professional librarians have a few concerns about the Memphis public library system.

One of their concerns is the deterioration or dismantling of the library board of trustees, ostensibly a group that would provide checks and balances to city decisions about the library. I talked to Jeanne Sugg, Tennessee state librarian and archivist, and she thought perhaps board members' terms expired and the members were never re-appointed, but she wasn't sure.

What Sugg did say was that the Memphis public library needs to have a seven-member board in place by the end of this month to receive $45,000 in state funding.

I got a call today from a communications person at the library and she said they are currently compiling a list of nominations for the seven-member board.

Those nominations will come before the City Council in June, and the names of the nominees will be released to the public then.

I asked about the effect that would have on the state funding, but she said she didn't know the implications.


Anonymous said...

Great blog, Ms. Cash! -m.b.e.

Bruce said...

Yeah, you're pretty good.