Friday, May 23, 2008

suburban stuck update

Today, the NYT has reaction to Paul Krugman's "Stranded In Suburbia" column (referenced here on the 19th).

Like usual, some people agree; some don't. Just thought I'd point out that one of the letters to the editor is from former Memphian and CEOs for Cities pres Carol Coletta.


Carol Coletta said...

Oh, no. Please, Mary. I am not and will never be a former Memphian. I love my city, I love my old loft on Union, I love Tiger basketball, and I love the friendliest people on earth (among many other things -- the list is far too long). Although I am writing this from Chicago tonight, I will be back in Memphis soon, like always.

More to the point, Krugman is right and I hope to heck somebody in Memphis will get it and agree.

marycash said...

Good to hear! We'll see you soon then!