Friday, May 30, 2008

odds and ends

— Next week, NPR's Steve Inskeep will begin a new series on growing cities by visiting Karachi, Pakistan. To hear a preview about the series, "The Urban Frontier, click here.

— The Memphis Police Department is urging women to "be on alert" because of a series of home invasions/incidents of sexual battery in apartment complexes near Quince and Kirby, Macon and Sycamore View and Trinity and Germantown.
In several of the assaults, victims have opened the door because of a knock and then been forced inside at gunpoint. In at least four of the nine home invasions, victims have reported a sexual battery. One victim reported a rape.
The suspect is described as a black male, approximately 6 feet tall, and 170 lbs. He may drive a dark colored Chevrolet Cobalt.

"Carbon chastity" and a call for nuclear energy, among other things.

Stonehenge = very large headstones. Radiocarbon dates from human cremations in and around the stones indicate the site was used as a cemetery from 3000 BC until after the monuments were erected. Researchers estimate up to 240 people were buried there.